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More About Magic mushroom spores

Mushroom spores are the starting point of mushroom cultivation, with these spores you can potentionally grow millions of muhsrooms. We offer you a great collection of high quality mushroom spores in vails, spore syringes and spore prints. The word ‘spore’ comes from the ancient Greek word Spora which means: Seed. We know now, this is not a correct […]

How And Where To Buy magic Truffles

Magic truffles are also known as Philosophers’ Stones and triprocks. Sclerotia contain both psilocin and psilocybin, the same active substances in Magic Mushrooms. Find Hollandia, Utopia, Atlantis, Gallendoi, Mexican and Tampanensis magic truffles right here! Magic truffles are an excellent source for microdosing. They are easy to dose, store and order.


The Eryngii King Mushroom, a member of the Pleurotaceae family, is the largest of the Oyster mushroom genus. Easily identified by its thick cylindrical stem and small, rounded flattened cap, their stalks aren’t tough and woody to eat unlike other Oyster mushrooms. Instead, they have a soft and meaty texture packed full of umami flavour. […]